hello, I’m Sharon

a surface pattern designer living in Redondo Beach, California. Creativity has always directed my life as I strive to create connection through joyful art. Part of my artistic journey has been the study of dance. Through my physical exploration of swirls and twirls I seek to weave the rhythm of dance into a ripple and flow of organic elements in my patterns. From the mountains to the desert, I am constantly inspired to capture a moment and infuse it with warmth and fun.

I believe in the connection that comes from expressing your heart and imagination in any art medium.  I have been a sewist, a fashion designer and a teacher of all kinds of art. But when I found surface pattern design,  I knew I had found a career that I could pour my heart into. I began to dream in color and pattern. Aside from being an artist, I am a mother of two and my family fills my soul. We are a playful, tight-knit bunch, dancing through life and supporting each other.  Through our adventures together I have found inspiration and a desire to express my heartfelt point of view in design.